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About BoCo Collectibles

The BoCo (Boise County) Collectibles storefront of 204 Main Street sits on the boardwalk in the historic district of Idaho City, Idaho. Idaho City is part of the Boise Basin and lies on the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway of Highway 21. The town was founded in 1862 and is renowned for its gold mining history, rugged mountainous beauty and is a throwback to a quieter, slower place in time when the west was wild.


After several years of vacancy, the property was purchased in April of 2015 by myself and my husband (Lisa and Dean Hanson). We opened the store on May 29, 2015, just one week prior to the “Boardwalk Fire” that struck the opposite side of the street, displacing five fellow businesses. BoCo Collectibles remained open and operated for two seasons. My honey, not finding a fondness for retail, yearned for other ways to pass his time and therefore the building was leased the following season to a stone fire table artist as I was operating BoCo Sluice Box, an antique and second-hand store we also own. We remodeled in 2018 and on the weekend of Memorial Day 2019 we reopened Collectibles in the renovated space. BoCo Collectibles is a unique fine art, eclectic furnishings, and souvenir shop. I am now the “face” of our team at the store which is open seasonally from Spring to Fall. We continue to work on the property and our dream of reactivating the stage and adding a food and beverage element to the property. Watch our social media pages or this website for full details and come for a visit soon! Feel free to email us at anytime at or

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