Architecture and Nature

Yesterday, after our “nap” to catch up to the new time zone a bit, we walked over twelve miles in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. Taking in the sites, sounds and smells, absorbing the culture a bit, generally acclimating ourselves and taking care of currency exchange in preparation for our stay in this country. We dined on street food early and then in a live music/open air restaurant later in the evening. All in all, a great day of getting settled.

Today we had breakfast in our hotel, which I have named once but will choose not to again as it doesn’t quite cover our bases. It is expansive space at a great price point and then there is this added point of a full buffet of hot and cold food to start the day included, always nice. Fresh iced beverage (type changed daily) in the lobby such as Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is a nice amenity when returning from the heat of the day as well. Okay, I will mention it again. President Park Bangkok. We are disappointed because the pool is being renovated and everyday swim and walk was our goal for this portion of our winter journey. That is really our only complaint so…book away if you find this nearly 800 square foot 4 star suite at a ridiculous price.

We decided to wander in the direction of Lumpini Park today. Not as many acres, not as many people but kind of a Central Park for this big city. We took in the nature, watched the plants be watered by a truck, no sprinkler system here and wandered the surrounding streets of this area as well as Silom. I read a description about the architecture of this city being in layers. Where the underground system is the base, the ancient dwellings are next, followed by dilapidated buildings and then high rise progressive architecture with cranes dotting the skyline as well. Today, my eye saw those aspects. They are exemplified in these pictures. The city is amazing. Many would hate it. I am in awe of it. How could some place that ticks so fast be so calm? It has a beauty of it’s own. (And does anyone cook at home? There is street food absolutely everywhere!)

Look closely at this sign…they do get their point across here in the “land of smiles” 😉

City of Angels?

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