Big Game Weekend

Live music was the first item on our agenda as we arrived in one of our favorite home towns, Reno. 10 Years was playing at a place I will leave unmentioned. (We frequent many institutions in our travels and as I have stated in the past, I will simply not dignify listing a business that is sub-par.) The performers themselves had some stellar moments but the venue itself lacked in all regards. The sound quality was embarrassing, the lighting next to non existent, read: zero investment in quality production and the restrooms ended up closed due to flooding. This is an all ages venue that ends up punishing those who choose to spend more dollars once they are in the door. Instead of diligence in security measures, this location chooses to banish its of age patrons wishing to consume alcohol to a roped off corner with one of the worst lines of sight in the building. We did, however, get to mingle with several friends from our time of the hubby managing at the Knitting Factory when it opened it’s now shuttered venue in the biggest little city. Social me was ecstatic about these interactions! #almostlikeoldtimes

We stayed at the Nugget in Sparks, which we do often, but with no vehicle you are definitely a little stranded. We consciously made this decision with our 5 miles a day walking goal in mind and our insulated bag of seafood, turkey and veggies in tow. The price just could not be beat at the front end of this 3 month sojourn. Staying in the downtown corridor would have meant $60 a night more for equivalent room quality at best, between room rate and “resort fees”. We trekked our way on foot a couple times to our favorite best value healthy dining found at Pho 777. As I’ve mentioned in the past, nothing fancy but extremely good, cheap food we love. We enjoy being greeted by the servers as well as the owner who still know us as “regulars”.

The actual weekend kicked off with comedy provided by Bill Burr. Once again we were not thrilled by the venue (neither was the artist as he bashed it during his opening monologue) but the comedy was hilarious.

We consciously made time for one meal at the Happy Hour in the hotel at the Oyster Bar and indulged ourselves (no starch/no dessert) with our favorite maitre’ d Art at the Nugget Steakhouse. As I have mentioned before, these exemplify the great value in dining options to be found in this casino town. Truly can’t miss meals when visiting here.

Big Game day found us in the Nugget Sportsbook, the reason behind this stop. An amazing 12 pages of proposition bets were available from William Hill. I watched in wonder as the long lines for betting formed by shortly after noon and did not wane until kickoff. The environment was on fire with the sports enthusiast excitement and made for excellent people watching. The game wasn’t half bad either and my hubby’s gaming extravaganza left no room for a dull day!

Our time in Reno draws to a close as I stand in the B gate area finishing up this post. Overnight near LAX with self serve guest laundry to get us all refreshed and prepared for a flight across the Pacific. Here we come Southeast Asia! Time for some tropical climate and Buddha influenced environment! #cometravelwithme

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