Crazy Busy Business Season/Tech Challenged

As is my habit, long time no blog! Now I’m playing catch up 😉 May to October annually for the past few years I change my focus to our retail businesses but finally it’s time to blog again! So let me catch you up on our Crazy Busy Business Season and my world of being Tech Challenged!

On our return to the mountain earlier this year, I was given the privilege by the Idaho City Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a board member, to do the scholarship presentations from the organization to the students at the graduation ceremonies at the Idaho City High School.

It is a great honor to get to know these students in this small town and I was fortunate enough to work with a couple of the graduates last year with Chamber activities and even luckier yet to be able to make an offer to the prospective seniors and the graduates for employment this Summer.

With my work on this blog, which has been living at and now also resides at, I have discovered the reality of my age and the challenges that my lack of ease with technology can present.

Therefore, I reached out to one of the administrators at the school for some recommendations of students who might be interested in taking on a position with me to help me build the online retail site for our shop, BoCo Collectibles. I was given a few names and one graduate in particular stood out. After some contact via email I made arrangements for a one on one interview. I needed this young adult’s assistance but I also wanted to offer the opportunity to build a portfolio and a resume to someone who would be pursuing a career in technology. Happily, we were able to come to an agreement for Jason Carignan to take on the project of building the store website. We set our goals for both launch deadline and monetary expenditures that were agreeable to both of us.

On a weekly basis, Jason and I communicated both in person and via email to build the Collectibles site. I am proud to “soft” launch it and my online retail presence partnered up with my blog, The Inquisitive Scorpion’s Tale. Jason will continue to consult on the site from a distance while he attends University of California – Irvine. This has proven to be a great partnership and over and above that is the fact that I had the pleasure of getting to know this young man and hopefully #makeadifference in his future endeavors. Jason and I hope that you find the new site pleasing. If there are any suggestions you have don’t hesitate to share them with us via our Contact page on this site! We are definitely novices together but working our way to a viable project. This picture of Jason (with the Picasso that hangs in our gallery) gives me a good laugh at the learning stages of photography which he has tackled as well while we work to build a retail presence on the web.

The summer season was a hectic one, flying by at a pace I am not quite sure I expected. We came home and settled in after Thailand and after our Southwest Road Trip (aka buying trips for the shop) and got to work moving into the building at 204 Main Street in Idaho City which my hubby and his helpers had remodeled last summer. Pricing of merchandise was probably the most arduous task on the road to the finish line but happily we opened the store doors of BoCo Collectibles 2019 on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and it has proven to be a fun shop to operate and a successful season.

At the same time we got the store up and running we prepared our mountain home for sale, which was finally completed in late August after a multitude of preparations for showings and offers that fell through. We finally closed on the sale in late August. So now where do we live you ask? Well, the hubster took the remodel of the back part of our shop’s building into living space to the finish line over the summer! The one bedroom/one bath apartment he designed is where we transitioned into for now as we figure out where/what our next goals will be. Adventure, more travel, possible consultant work for him and solidifying the path to retirement are what we have our designs on but we still are not sure on the logistics of that path. So for now, we giggle and talk about our state of “homelessness.”

As we closed on the house, we began the construction of a shed out back of the shop for some personal storage and built a privacy fence to create our little backyard and deck area. Following that build we have now nearly completed the shed behind the stage which will serve as the green room for performers. We are having new tin put on the roof while we wait for state approval on the “lid” for the stage for which the trusses were delivered earlier this month. We hope to finish the surface in front of the stage before the snow flies too. We have a wonderful contractor who will oversee these projects as we winterize our buildings and prepare for our winter season away from Idaho.

Our Fall excursions began with a weekend escape to Vegas to reunite with friends for the Farewell Tour of UFO, an old fav of the hubster and his band of friends from high school. Friends we originally met in Chiang Mai who now reside in Vegas joined us for the show as well, demonstrating how small the world really can be. We were lucky to see and spend time with friends and family in this city that we used to call home, taking in our grandsons football game coached by our son as well as Sunday dinner with my honey’s Aunt and cousins.

Follow our business and travel adventures via The Inquisitive Scorpion’s Tale blog which for now will be maintained at both addresses until I can figure out my exact preferences and accomplish a rediret or whatever it is I need to do! #stilltechchallenged #comelivelifewithme #cometravelwithme

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