Denver days

After landing we said our good byes to the kids and made our way to get our truck from the Red Lion parking lot and get to our room at the Doubletree, always a worthwhile chain in our experience. My honey had more biz and we had our tickets for the Rockies/Giants series since before we flew to Cancun…It was the “weekend when we get back” after all 😉 Might as well stay, biz or no. The business did materialize however and this took us to a new neighborhood, Capital Hill, 9th and Lincoln area.

Tuesday found us winding our way to I-84 and the final road to home territory. It was brutally windy cold (at least this is how it felt to these tropical warmed bones) with snow flurries. We had certainly hoped that coming home at this point in Spring would have allowed us to miss this white stuff until it begins to fly and signal time to be on the road next season. But noooo. Our own 10 day home weather forecast was dotted with snow. We literally almost bailed to head south to Vegas when we hit Utah but decided responsibility might be wiser. :-/ Snowbird travels 2016/17 are rapidly coming to an end. This 90 day tour has afforded incredible experiences. I hope you have enjoyed tagging along. We can’t stay idle for long so be sure to watch for our day to day adventures worth sharing! I love giving you the highlights! #travelwithme#livelifewithme

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