Dear Readers,

It was with some hesitation that I decided to keep this last couple weeks of light travel to myself. An attempt at a total disconnect, an unplug. No news, no social media, (to speak of, man what a habit that is, for real), an attempt to escape all the “interference”. Truly some alone time for introspection. Severe need to sort out my head, find some calm and get centered and focused was evident as I looked over my past few months. As I write this I sadly do not feel I have reached my goal. Happily, I am aware that I need to continue my focus in this direction for setting the priorities that create the best of life satisfaction I am able to achieve. No way will I waste the beautiful gift of life on this earth. If you pay any attention to the categories that these blogs of mine fall into you know an option is Life Philosophy. This balance principal has me perplexed right now.

Once the first leg of my honey’s business duties were fulfilled (that spurred this window of being “on the road”), we had plotted escape. We found it as we stayed at a small 22 room motel and soaked in the indoor pool and hot tub, read some, listened to our favorite music and talked some life. I touched base with my daughter at one point and boasted of our poor man’s spa vacation. Almost like something out of a movie. There we were, holed up with our cooler, our blue tooth speaker and our exercise/relaxation. Escape on the cheap.

We made it for a few days but then beautiful weather, good values and pure love of entertainment tugged at us and we caved. Thursday the 16th we checked out Christopher Titus at Comedy Works. Entertainment with political overtones that gave us some deep belly laughs. Dinner at Lucy upstairs was satisfying and moderately priced. This evening of food and fun was a cool concept housed under one roof.

Friday the 17th found us running through the pouring rain to land in our seats near court side for the Nuggets vs the Pelicans. I was so determined to achieve my “disconnect” that I didn’t tempt myself to post on social media by not taking a single photo. Still feeling the need to run from reality and simply disappear. Super hard because the bird’s eye view offered by my honey’s value searching on all the major ticket broker sites landed us in enviable seats. Demonstrating yet again the habitual need for documenting and bragging stimulated by the world of social connectivity. The Nuggets ran away with it but we sure enjoyed our time at the Pepsi Center. As I have worked on this post I realized I did take one photo this night, it is shared below. It speaks of our society today. Disgusting. It costs less to park for credit than for cash. What a statement. #deteremployeetheft 🙁

Saturday took us on an afternoon drive in the shadow that falls between the beauty of the majestic Rockies and the sprawling city and suburbs of metro Denver. My personal entertainment broker had landed us something good for Sunday at a price he could not refuse. Funny and sweet, I rarely know what or where exactly we will be at any event we attend. As is often true, we will wander a venue and even approach some decent seats and then I’ll see the smirky smile start to break through. This was the case for our visit to Mile High.

The rest of the story up to now will have to come in a separate post. It is “in the works”. Again. For the second time. As I sit here in the GSR Sportsbook, I wonder at the reason that as I went to insert pictures and hyperlinks into the completed post that brought you here with us, that it simply deleted. Then I found it. But alas it was incomplete. Lucky for me at least half of it still remained. (She said, looking on the bright side.) There is an investment in time and brain power to bring these posts to fruition. There must be a lesson here somewhere. I bet it has to do with minimizing frustration. Hopefully it will come to me as I rewrite the wonderful story that gets you current with me. #lifelessons #travelwithme

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