Elephant Tale Tidbit

OK, so this little bit I am sharing for your laugh of the day. The only ones who truly may find it funny is our children but just put your imagination hat on and all of you may snicker a bit…

So my hubby and my grandson are referred to lovingly as the big head twins. One because they do have quite large noggens but two because they are endlessly clumsy. No matter what, when adventuring as a family we can count on one of them to supply the rest of us a reason to giggle a little, at their expense. Anyway, my husband did not disappoint me on our elephant expedition last Monday. Our group had unloaded out of the passenger van for part 2 of Elephant Day Care. The hubby took off to use the facilities, the rest of us trekked up a small hill to the palapa style seating area for instructions. We still had a good view down the hill. As we stowed our personal items, I saw my man heading our direction, wearing flip flops and starting up the dusty, tree root laden trail. Then, boom, down he went, we all gasped, a mahout headed his direction and I started shaking my head, hoping there was no injury. Hallelujah, I see him gathering himself back up and then, oh no I see him lose his balance and literally end up stumbling backwards, trying to catch his balance. Mahout to the rescue, he does not go down again. I see his smirk and know he’s okay. Turns out he had caught his flip flop under one of the tree roots and blew it out, good thing I had stored our water shoes in the backpack. He survived, no injury, we all laughed hardily. I know my girls will too, I actually lol’ed again while typing this. Hope it brightened your day a bit too.

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