Family Spring Fling

Our introduction to Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico started at Barcelona Tucancun, an Occidental Resort and Hotel. Our daughter arrived later than we had anticipated due to flight delays. We settled into our room and enjoyed dinner at the Seafood Restaurant Claraboya followed by cocktails in the main lounge while we awaited her arrival. The main floor area including the front desk, Main Bar, lounge area and snack bar is open air style with wonderful vistas of the rolling ocean waters and offers the touch of the warm tropical breezes. The decor is white marble with muted accents of pastels and silver, with seats around the bar as well as cushioned couches and chairs scattered about, very cozy. Our stay was all inclusive, just for the three of us and lasted until Wednesday the 12th. We spent these days catching up and enjoying drinks such as Miami VicePina ColadasMargaritasMicheladaSangria and Cervesas while lounging about between the fine white sand beach and the three pools on the property. Our favorite spot was the in pool tiled loungers that offered a perfect balance between sun and soothing cool water. We dined at all but the Italian Buffet between the breakfasts, lunches and dinners of these days and found satisfactory options at the Mallorca Buffet, Mexico Lindo and Restaurant Claraboya whether for lunch Buffet or sit down Seafood. All was tasty. One evening’s after dinner walk heralded the Pink moon, a beautiful sight over the gleaming ocean. We all agreed this is a destination worth recommending.

Our second excursion took us by private passenger van to Chichen Itza. We were escorted around the hotel property adjacent to these ancient ruins and provided a private cabana for refreshing ourselves. We were offered horchata and tamarindo, house made beverages, while given options for viewing these sacred grounds. We chose to have a guide. This we would highly recommend, as we were given a wealth of information to pique our interest on the vision and foresight of the Mayans and the influences placed on them by the Toltecs. We all agreed we wished we would have started the tour a little more versed on these civilizations and there foreword thinking views of the correlation between the elements the seasons and the conception of time. While wondering at the construction, our guide provided tidbits of the knowledge of earth, heavens and time these ancient people represented in their work. Well worth a visit and a little more research to provide insight into the mystery of what life is all about. This was good inspirational fodder for young and old alike.

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