Fresh is Best

Feasting is central to our passion for exotic destination travel. Thailand creates pleasure not only for the eye through plate presentations artistically garnished but also via the taste buds impacted with the freshness of the ingredients and the spicy Thai chili influence. Sounds of meats and whole fish sizzling on the coals of the open air street carts, the scrumptious goodness of these dishes impacting your taste buds and the feel of using fork for shoveling and spoon for eating round out the sensory explosion of the northern Thai fare with its Western, Indian, Italian and even Mexican influences.

We’ve enjoyed light breakfasts and lunches at home with fresh goods purchased from the Muang Mai Market (see Market Day in Images post), some street vendors, Tops Market and Rimping (actual grocery stores). The Big C and 7-11 located between our condo at Twin Peaks and the Night Bazaar provided us staples like coffee and bottled water (a necessity in Thailand.) At the Tom Lamyai Market by the Ping River my honey purchased beautiful flowers to add to our surroundings in the condo. For nearly a week they were intoxicating! Nothing like fresh floral scents in your living space

Days of lounging by the pool, doing a little exercise, writing, studying online and reading followed by wandering out into the city to find a place that intrigued us for dinner is how we have spent our first days here in Chiang Mai.

Sounds of the fireworks being shot off as the dragon made his way down the streets and aisles of the night bazaar in celebration of the Chinese New Year found us dining at Aisha Thai Food within the Night Bazaar. Appetizers included garlic naan, chicken kebabs and cucumber and tomato salad. Entrees included Stir fried shrimp, Spicy clams and Fried Morning Glory. Rock soda water was our beverage of choice this evening. The service at this location left much to be desired but the food and the prices were right and the live cover singer at an adjoining bar provided good entertainment in these lively surroundings.

Loi Kroh Road creates some great opportunity for wandering and taking in the atmosphere of a tourist area of the city and offers quite a few good eating establishment options. Welcome Inn has a nice dining area with indoor seating as well which we took advantage of to allow for cooler seating area than the patio. We started with the best house made chicken fingers I think I’ve ever had with a nice sweet and spicy sauce and a mixed salad consisting of fresh assorted greens with cucumber, red onion and Roma and grape tomatoes. Tom Yum Kung (prawns) and noodles chicken served as our entrees with Chang beer for me and Chang soda water for my date. The service here was prompt and friendly and the prices are excellent.