January is going to drag on!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Last week wound down with bitter cold temps and snow and flooding from Reno to Boise and on up this mountain. The kids and grandkids arrived for a visit. Momma and Dadda were here for Friday night and then some of Saturday but decided to brave the weather and head in on Saturday for their Seahawk Game night party. This Grandma and Grandpa were getting a date night with their boys! The parentals (as we fondly call them) left early afternoon with instructions for the oldest to “stay inside until it at least got to 5 and the sun out or 10 if there was only cloudy gray skies”. The youngest as zero interest in outside when it is cold. Finally, at about 4PM, after a nice little rest to boost the energy, the oldest and I headed out to brave the cold and the snow that continued to come down in it’s nice fluffy state. We were finally at 13 degrees and it would continue to climb a bit even though night was falling. A warm front was moving in on us and the talks of flooding in the Valleys began. Sunday brought warmer temps but the snow continued to fall and then…the power went out. We loaded up the boys and their belongings (minus one mitten and one beanie, we never can seem to get every single item) and headed towards Idaho City. Snowy, winding roads welcomed us and the traveling was not bad considering the intensity of the storm. The county boys do a darn good job here and they deserve a mention! We grabbed lunch as the power was on in Idaho City and it gave Grandpa a chance at some Sunday afternoon playoff watching. The boys of course also got to have ice cream…as it continued to pour down the white stuff, the piles were certainly growing. The boys decided electricity coming back on or not they were ready for home, so on down the mountain we went. The roads were definitely slushy snow, this stuff was getting wetter and wetter and by the valley it was purely rain. A quick exchange of children and bags, a call to find out that power was restored and we were headed home. The beginning of this week found us continuing to work on our travel plans (okay so you are correct, it is Dean who does the work part of it, I just offer my two cents here and there) I worked at “pre spring” cleaning and packing for our 12 week escape from the mountain.

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