Malay Afterthoughts

A couple more things to document/tell you!

In our hotel, Invito Suites, there was no floor number 4 but there was 13 and 13A, as a matter of fact we were in room 13A09. Avtar, our concierge explained it was a Chinese superstition. Check out the link included with the words floor number 4 above to learn more. There are alot of hyperlinks contained in my posts and when my curiosity is spiked or I feel it is important info to share with you that I look up in my own exploring, I include the link for you. Partake if you care to. Depending on the device you are reading on they will either be highlighted or if you move your cursor along the words they will appear.

At Dining In The Dark we had heard sounds of hands clapping, tongues clicking, finger snaps and whistles. I emailed the owner our compliments and inquired about those sounds. We had assumed they were for some communication purpose. The answer back was that this was accurate. Simply a way to insure no accidents in the dining room, the same way we might use the words “behind you”. Each sound is assigned to a specific staff member so they can still communicate their whereabouts, with recognition of one another…truly thankful every day as I begin my lazy poolside/beach, fresh out of the water seafood eating portion of this stint around the world.

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