Motorbike ride to Khao Lak including tale telling philosophies; Mouth Resort, Moo Moo Cabaret and Sa

Storing our roller bags with Arawan and donning our backpacks we headed out the 4202 to the 4. We were on our way to the next discovery in Thailand on our motorbike ride to Khao Lak in the Phang Nga Province.

The beauty of the mountainous area did not disappoint us with jungle lying to either side of the roadway that was spattered with small, sleepy villages. Entering the Phang Nga Province we crossed many bridges over creeks and rivers and immediately began to see tourism directional signs to the many caves, beaches and waterfalls the area is known for.

This was an easy ride but the heat, our packs and the small size of the bike dictated a couple of stops for hydration and exercise along the way. Sa Nang Manora Forest Park presented itself at an opportune moment when we needed to stretch our legs and relieve our backs of the weight of our packs. Parking was easy and the entrance directing us to the nature trail was not crowded. We used the clean restrooms and did some trekking on the nature trail where we found a pool with some Thai locals enjoying an afternoon swim. The trail itself was easy to follow as it progressed upwards in the shade of the jungle trees, the weather eroded rocks and roots of the tall trees were smoothed into easy stepping stones. It was an enjoyable respite from the sun but soon we were ready to be on our way again.