Old World Discovery Roma Part II

#cometravelwithme is what I consider my handle (like a truck driver on his CB radio), my moniker, my attempt to build a social brand and build my network of followers who enjoy the stories, grow their wish list and glean worthwhile advice for their own future travels. My friend and my daughter made that mantra of mine come to life this travel season! My friend joined us in Thailand during the Snow bird flight 2018 and her and my daughter joined us for a part of the Spring Fling in Europe! This made the adventure and discovery even more special. The crux of the idea started when they both mentioned to me how “lucky” I am to have my hubby to not only be my travel partner but my travel planner. He is ruthless when it comes to value for the dollar and then there is the cushion of comfort he provides when in new, unfamiliar locales. I dared them to join us. Both of them kind of laughed it off at first and my daughter even snapped at me once about being pushy when I was teasing her to spend some of her hard earned cash. I wanted both these women to know they were welcome to join us and my honey had jumped in with the offer to research and book should they climb on board. In January, the seed I had planted started to burst open and the rest is history, they certainly made #cometravelwithme a reality!

They arrived in Rome early on a Monday morning. Their travel took them first from Boise to San Francisco where they spent the night to insure they risked no issues with making the long haul flight to Rome with one layover in Chicago. We had not been able to get them into our hotel as once they made their decision to join us the price had sky rocketed so the planner found them Stargate just two blocks over from us. Again, we were after economy in room expenditure because we simply needed a place to sleep and shower and this three star covered that base as well as breakfast included. We scoped it out before they arrived, texted pics of their path out of Termini (they landed at Fiumicino Airport) and they were able to easily have confidence on arrival. As they checked in we showered and made our way to meet them. They had made the decision to hit the ground running so they would not miss any of the sites on their must see list. The plan was for about three days for them in Rome with us. We made our way towards city center for some orientation for our “guests” and some authentic Italian food. We found a great sidewalk spot brought to our attention by the host who later invited us to visit his home in Egypt next fall. (I have his card just in case 😉 Mimo at Antica Roma Ristorante definitely added flair to our first Italian meal with the girls. We devoured bruschetta, veal, pizza and wine and then we were off for the girls first sight seeing walkabout. We climbed vine covered stair wells and walked the cobblestone streets taking the walkway to their first sight of the Colosseum , the Forum, Palatine Hill and on to the Memorial To Emmanuel II where they could get their bearings that the upper floor/360 degree walkways and pictorials provide.

We pushed on even though the new arrivals were starting to fade. One of the can’t miss items on their list was Trevi Fountain and although my honey and I had passed by on an earlier stroll we had waited for the girls to toss in our coins. Myth has it that tossing a coin over the left shoulder into this iconic fountain in the midst of the area of Piazza Navona<