On naming this blog…and a bit more on arriving in Thailand

Somewhere in this search for how to express myself I laughed at the idea of naming my writings The Scorpion’s Tale…I even started these writings in the notes on my phone and in a leather bound notebook before breathing in deeply and deciding to launch this site. I, by no means, am a trained writer but I do enjoy it and am open to finding improvement, or the means to hire an editor! In making this decision, part of the advice I read instructed to research the name I had selected. Simply google it. Then check the social media apps. Upon starting my search, I was disappointed to see The Scorpion’s Tale is the title of a book already published, you can  find the book here, if you are curious. I personally have not read it yet but it was one of the items that dashed the dreams of that simple name for my blog. It is also the name for the Simpson’s fifteenth episode in the 22nd season, you can watch it here. It was the inspiration for the header picture on my home page of the character who shares my  first name, “Lisa” Simpson. Seeing Lisa made me decide to move forward with the name by simply adding a descriptor and The Inquisitive Scorpions Tale was born. I thought this background was at least worth sharing for the purposes of some simple entertainment, if you happen to be interested…or bored😉

By the way, Dean booked The Bangkok Ambassador, a hotel off Sukhumvit and Soi 11 for our arrival, check it out here. We stayed here before we left the country last year. It’s a beautiful property and the service was excellent. It’s a fun location with night markets right outside the door which lead to Nana and Cowboy where the nightlife is interesting to say the least as well as a nightclub in the property and a nice pool area. Daytime markets will be great for yummy, healthy street food. The MRT is close by and we will feel a bit of familiarity to get us comfy once again in the Land of Smiles.

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