Reconnect Continued

On that Sunday a week ago, under clear blue, sunny skies we made our way to the stellar seats that offered us entertainment that completely provided value for the dollar. Production at the highest level was provided from pre to post game. Broncos vs Bengals. Seriously, I could have sat through an exact replay of this experience as many as ten times and still not have felt like I missed something! The mascot Miles and his “mini me” enticed the orange clad crowd to “represent” their team spirit. The live bronco Thunder stormed from one end of the Mile High to the other to show off their prowess. Tyrell Davis was inducted into the Hall of Fame. As he and John Elway stood on the sidelines I felt as if I could reach out and touch them. The choreographed descent of the parachutists as they jumped from the planes above, glided through the sky and swooped above the crowd and on to the field was awe inspiring. Notoriety was given to the first woman to achieve this feat in stadium history. The fire spewing Broncos were rolled into place and the well trained , professional cheer squad of twenty four lined the corner of the end zone for the announcement of the team. In grand style these warriors made their entrance; prancing around to the roars of their fans. The band led the crowd in the fight song as the words rolled across the jumbo-trons. In this era of “take a knee” the presentation of colors was breathtaking. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Denver Police and Fire proudly marched their way in to position, with the sure and steady confidence that projected their this is “how we roll” attitude. Proud, together as one, Americans. The “Genie” from the off broadway production of Aladdin belted out the anthem in his tenor voice. As I scanned the area, everyone from players, to event staff, to media, to fans stood proudly showing their respect to God and country. Pride swelled in my heart as I stood amongst these large numbers and we were unified in our allegiance. A gasp of breath spread across us all as the F-16’s roared up and over the field as they entered the area from just above the bronco rearing at the air in the end zone. The captains gathered for the coin flip with a win for the Bengals with their call of tails They made the decision to defer. Although a great game the Broncos couldn’t pull it off but these fans made the area rumble and roll with excitement. Totally a satisfying entertainment investment!

We were lucky enough to spend the days leading up to and the Thanksgiving holiday with our son and his family in Utah. Sinking in to their young entrepreneurial life, trying to defray some odds and ends here and there during our stay. We love luxuriating in the peace and serenity their mountain has to offer. Our daughter in laws parents were there as well and we enjoyed the opportunity to be together as extended family, valuing the time to bond. Cooking together in the kitchen, talking life’s meaning, we feel blessed by the opportunity to grow these extended family relationships.

Now we are in Reno exploring the business available to help us decide on our true pleasure in day to day living. We count our blessings for the options and the opportunity. Time with friends, time for business as we ponder where our path will lead us.


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