Road Trip Destinations Near Bangkok

The Thai Wedding week culminated with dinner with the newlyweds in celebration of our 23rd anniversary and their union. We discussed plans for our road trip destinations around Bangkok. Check out the list contained in this post for some worthwhile, easy spots to travel to by car if you ever want a nearby escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

First, a little tale about our celebratory dinner. US Steakhouse received good ratings and we were of course in the mood for beef on a special occasion where we would enjoy one of the fine wine selections we had brought from our collection at home. The newlyweds would leave the following morning for their American tradition of a honeymoon for two days on the beach in Krabi. We planned to stay in Bangkok and they would pick us up in the bride’s truck for us to enjoy some adventure together on their return.

We had not made reservations and on our arrival at US Steakhouse we found the place completely empty! We learned from the owner, a man from Texas, that it was a “Thai holiday”. The following day was Election Day. Actually a day of pre-voting set aside for those who would be gone from their home province the following Sunday (March 24) which was the official Election Day. Thailand is the last existing military dictatorship. As I write this post the results have not been announced and it’s been almost two weeks since the election. Hopefully this country will not suffer from political unrest. But I digress from my tale!

The impact on businesses is negative on these days due to a Thai law that dictates no alcohol sales from 6pm the day before to 6pm the day of. Thus, mostly empty or closed restaurants and bars; two weekends in a row! We ended up having the whole restaurant to ourselves and to be on the safe side in case the police stopped in to check compliance we drank our wine from paper cups. Haha. This was a first for us with such a great bottle as the 2009 Mount Veeder Cabernet we shared with our companions on this special evening. Haha. Our preference is to consume from a nice vino grande by Spiegleau. We really had a great time and enjoyed both the food and the service. The steaks were amazing and generously cut in house and aged to perfection. After dinner we walked the neighborhood including the famous Soi Cowboy which was completely closed which was so strange to see! No girls. No music. No lights.

We lounged poolside most of the two days until the honeymooners returned and we were off on our road trip in the brides Toyota Tundra. She drove half the time and my hubby drove the days where we encountered mountains and curves that were not within the bride’s comfort zone. We ate some of the most authentic Thai dishes we’ve ever had during this trip with the bride doing the ordering as most places we chose were off the beaten path and written in Thai only. Below is a list of our stops, all of which are within 3-4 hours of Bangkok, depending on traffic jam ;-).

1) Prang Riverside Resort. This beautiful resort is located on the Tha Chin River in Samut Sakhon. It is a short 1 hour drive from Bangkok once you are out of the inner city traffic. It’s a whole world away from the rush of the city with small ponds and a park like setting to enjoy. A simple but ample breakfast is included in the room price. We stayed in the bungalows on the river and were quite happy with the size of the room and the deck that we sat out on at night to enjoy music, conversation and Singhas with our friends. We watched Caymans and fish in the water. The resort has bicycles for guests to use and we enjoyed leisurely bike rides in the quiet neighborhood during our stay. There is a night market nearby and many seafood restaurants. We visited the Kra Thum Baen Arts market in this area as well which was an incredible experience. Watching the artists at work hand painting the beautiful porcelains was really cool.