Struggles and Plans

Today finds the threat of another storm looming just a few hours away…another foot of the “winter white stuff” is our forecast. We will need to find places to store it all! Please keep the safety of our old business buildings in your thoughts as we figure out what to do to get some of that snow off of them before we begin our journeys.

This past week and weekend brought us relaxation in our mountain home while continuing our preparations to close up the house and to get organized for the different facets of the upcoming travel. A couple of great bookings happened as well!

Our travel plans with the kids for spring break are locked in! We will all travel via air to Cancun! The crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean will be a new adventure for us! Some of the adult children have experienced it but we are all very excited to go. Now the planning will begin for adventures to accompany the relaxation that we will find with the Caribbean Sea right out our doorstep at this beautiful hotel zone home which will be ours for eight days come April 12th!

We have altered our initial plans as far as leaving the country for Southeast Asia just a bit. We will leave our truck in Long Beach with a friend of our sons for his use while we are gone. This will allow us to drive from Las Vegas following the Super Bowl and go to visit a bed ridden friend in San Diego. It’s one of the most important things we feel we can do, try to make a difference for those not as fortunate as us. We must always remember that no matter how bad we feel we have it, there are so many who face much larger challenges. Looking at the bright side, operating in this life with constant optimism is my philosophy to impress upon you today…enjoy it, no matter what it brings you! Until we meet again in a few days! Take care my friends and find something positive in every day you are given.


(As a side note: I am still struggling with my site here…there are many hyperlinks to more information for you within the posts, they do not show as active on a laptop/desktop but they do on mobile device…I will continue to research and attempt to correct but for now please use your mobile device if you want to see what extra goodies I am sharing with you. Thank you for your patience 🙂

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