Time for Fitness

My belly hurts, my joints hurt, my muscles ache, my head hurts, I feel bloated and lethargic, I’ve gained a few pounds. If you feel any of these “symptoms” it’s time to self detox, time to make time for fitness!

I have my “recipe” and my goals are below. Chime in via the comments section with your simple go to ideas to quickly lose a few unwanted pounds. Let’s help each other reach our goals!

  1. Weigh in daily. This is important to my plan because it keeps me aware of what consumption affects my weight and how. My body is different every year of my life so I need to get aware of my enemies and my friends in food and drink to live the lifestyle I want while being trim and fit which makes me feel awesome and enjoy life more!

  1. Drink detox water from my infuser. 3 rounds per day with cucumber, green tea, lime, watermelon, lemon, ginger, berries, mint, grapefruit. An assortment of detoxers that also make my water taste great. Drinking water is simply a no brainer. Figuring out what fruits or veggies added to the infuser that have a positive effect for weight loss is my first goal here.

  2. Follow the great exercise calendar from Susanna Ybarra whose energy keeps me going. Exercise of any kind is a must but I need some toning and defining so I’m going to see what this chic’s routines can do for me. I started following her and exercising with her back in Dec but the practice has been intermittent at best so now my goal is simple. Follow the calendars. Build a solid exercise habit back in to my life.

  3. Eliminate coffee and substitute decaf green, chamomile, peppermint and oolong tea. Tea is a great cleanser and I’ve been thinking I’d like to get away from my caffeine habit anyway so this is a perfect opportunity to transition and get the weight loss benefit as well. Again this will be an experiment and therefore I will need to do more research and find what works for me and tastes good.

  4. No white flour. No white sugar. Little to no processed foods. No cheese/minimal dairy. No fried food. Luckily I don’t drink sodas or eat fast food so no worries there. Limiting these items is a no brainer for me and in a short time I can get reacquainted with it and be very comfortable and more satisfied by natural; lower fat foods. Somehow I have simply fallen off track. One no big deal leads to almost everything being no big deal as my yo yo weight issues go. 8 lbs must go away. 13 would be killer.

  5. No beer. No beer. No beer. This is a hard one for me but I’m going to minimize it at best. My substitute will be vodka with club soda or wine if I’m in a situation where I just am definitely going to imbibe. #livelife

  6. Focus on a diet of lean proteins, veggies, fruit, nuts, legumes. Basically a Mediterranean style diet is typically best for me. Simply the closer to nature the better.

  7. Meal timing is another key area I need to experiment with. I’ve gotten great with eating a healthy breakfast within a couple hours of rising and believe firmly in its importance in weight maintenance. I’d like to experiment with lunch becoming my largest meal of the day and work to eat dinner as the lightest meal, earlier in the evening. I typically find myself eating dinner around 9 and although I don’t go to bed typically until 1am this is still too late. I know this timing issue is part of the yo-yo action.

  8. A sweet allowance is key for me so I don’t feel deprived and in a weak moment go crazy. Dark chocolate and sugarless hard candy will be my go to. I believe we all need a little something, at least I do, or I drive myself crazy with the desire and all kinds of fall off the plan starts to happen.Self care in the beauty arena is part of my fitness plan and I’m falling on the advice of a few of my beautiful friends and will be using products in their lines. Monat hair products, Younique facial skin care and makeup products and DoTerra oils for natural healing and treatment will be included in my routine. My friend Elizabeth has inspired me in the fitness arena and now is inspiring me to take care of the beauty in my face to insure I optimize skin health as I age. She has some superb video tutorials on her lashqueensunited Facebook page you should check out! Department store products are fine but when our beauty buys can benefit our friends/family, simply why not!

  9. Let’s fist bump to reaching our fitness goals for summer’s arrival and don’t forget to share your lil’ tidbits that are easy to integrate below in the comments! #comelivelifewithme

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