Welcome to Ao Nang Beach (including Anyavee Ban Ao Nang Resort, Wat Thom Suea Adventure, BF Massage,

***Disclaimer: My struggle is real here in the South of Thailand with Internet. Please excuse non-showing images or corrections hard to make via phone app; it’s still great info/tales 😉

Mini Van taxi from Krabi Town to Ao Nang took approximately 30 minutes and cost 300 baht plus 100 baht to the hotel for making the arrangements. The driver was friendly and we felt very safe with his driving and he brought us directly to the open air entrance to our hotel and helped carry in our bags. We always tip any service provider, even though it is not customary or expected here we feel compelled to give the 20-50 baht in the hopes of bringing happiness to these cheerful service people.

The clerk gave us a friendly welcome to Ao Nang Beach and offered that we take a look around while our room preparations were completed.

Anyavee Ban Ao Nang is a multi wing, family friendly resort with large pool area and garden areas separating the wings. It was eye appealing yet left a few bases uncovered. Rooms were slightly cramped but offered pool slippers and towels as well as refrigerator, coffee supplies and bottled water. Rooms also had small balconies overlooking pool or gardens with table and chairs. Glimpses of the seaside could be had from the walkways directly outside the rooms but the rooms themselves were not sea view. The accommodations were not as clean as we would like with stained sheets and towels and remnants of hair in the shower and sink. Daily room service was satisfactory at best with desk and counter areas not completely wiped down and floor not cleaned well. The shower water was never hot, lukewarm at best and water pressure less than necessary for rejuvenating or rinsing soap and shampoo easily.

Staff members occupied space and did minimalist performance of job duties and were not overly friendly. Typically in our Thailand stays we have been greeted, farewelled and offered assistance at every turn. We did not experience this hospitality at Anyavee. At one point my husband asked the front desk for trash receptacle for his empty water bottle and the staff member actually pointed him to a trash can up a set of steps, not the end of the world but certainly not the service standard we’ve usually received everywhere throughout the country.

The pool itself was large and inviting with sun warmed water and offered a menu on the patio area and beverage service to the ample lounge chairs available in sun and shade on the pool decking. Happy Hour from 2p-5p offered blended tropical drinks at 120 baht.

Late night amateur music from the karaoke bar across the street was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” of staying at this location in the future or recommending it. It was nice to walk out the front, be in the middle of the tourist corridor with a five minute walk to Ao Nang Beach in one direction or 10 minute walk the opposite to Nopparat Thara beach but this music started at 8pm and went to 2 am every day and was probably louder in the sleeping rooms elevated one and two floors from the road and having sliding glass doors to the balconies than it was in the bar! While we had great experiences in the area this hotel will not see us in the future.

The second day of our stay found us wandering to Nopparat Thara Beach and Pier. We had a great respite from the sun in a little joint called