What you don’t know

Such a handsome dude, Wendover Will!

The first 6 nights of Chiang Mai are booked! Duangtawan Hotel. I highly doubt that we will book the other 8 days until we are there and scout out the north in more detail than last year. This should be a fun location in the midst of the night market but most of the time if you’re looking for me, I’ll be by the pool… or at Thai Cooking classes or on the 309 steps to Doi Suthep, or on the Mae Hong Son Loop or bonding with elephants which is confirmed here! Yay, excited to meet these gentle beasts again and share the adventure of it with you.

And the final thing you didn’t know…we are on the road! Today our adventure took us to Boise. We started our day with our first float experience. I have to say I was doubtful as we prepared to use the gift certificates we’d received from our daughter. Now, I can say my muscle aches are soothed as is my brain and my skin. There could have been more amenities and a bit friendlier service for the price point but the place is clean and the experience is worthwhile. Following our spa treatment we needed nourishment so we went to Big City Coffee which is a can’t miss in the Linen District if you are ever downtown in the City of Trees. The yummy goodness both in coffee and nourishment is first rate in a cool vibe. The final get together with the family before extended travels was the pinnacle of the day. Our grandson who is 6 had his first basketball game and we went for Mexican food after. I’d recommend the place if it was worthwhile. I was not impressed. Tonight we sleep, tomorrow we are off to do some sports book and poker room patronizing in Wendover…middle of nowhere Nevada on the way to Utah to see the other kids before we head to Vegas and San Diego and then to the other side of the globe. (I’d definitely recommend tonight’s hotel for a stay when passing through, staying a few days or if you want to be close to the airport. The room layout is great to find your “own space” in. Privacy gets smaller when your living space is smaller so trust me, we have learned to value this when searching out places to stay 😉 Stay tuned friends, snow bird trip #2 of the “off” season is going to be wonderful!

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