Wolfpack Territory and the Sluice

Our trip to Reno was fairly uneventful, a little bit of business on both ends sprinkled with a little time with friends and visiting old haunts stuck in the middle, made up the days. We had a good time as we typically do in the biggest little city. We enjoyed living there and now we enjoy visiting. There is something about the state of Nevada that keeps me endeared to it. Mountains, desert, 24 hour towns and some wild, wild west thrown in. It rates right up there. I must admit arriving back home in Idaho, I found myself lecturing me over the panic I feel by the to do list that a 2 1/2 acre mountain home and business properties bursting with spring time can create for me along with numerous people, places and things that pull at me. This is where my man “lucks out”. He does not do self induced pressure. He is the master of “come see, come saw, whatever will be, will be”. Me, I worry and fret and continue to add to the “honey do” list, problem is I’m the honey :-/ I am trying hard to let that go. It really is crucial in the qwest to truly #livelife. This is part of the commitment to self to go when he says “let’s go”. Last year I cleaned house or pulled weeds or ran drip lines or ironed shirts during alot of these quick biz/pleasure runs. I am training myself to say sure and know that enjoying what life has to offer certainly is more important than ridding the earth of dandelions! (Keep your fingers crossed for me to win this self inflicted battle, although I really like digging in the dirt, such a quandary.)

Reno is a fav for many reasons. One is the value for the dollar. Room and food prices plus the quality of them top the list. We stayed at The Nugget in Sparks. The rooms are classic/not quite dated with great square footage and super cheap pricing and nice linens and quality bath products, a great plus. When staying in Nevada don’t forget to inquire about the resort fees. They are not readily noted and they can make your stay price jump incredibly and catch you off guard at check in. The Nugget has two restaurants that are a can’t miss. Art at The Steakhouse is an old school maitre d with a down to earth friendly flare. The quality of the food is excellent but Art’s sharing of knowledge and “the gems” he acquires for the wine list at The Steakhouse are what really take it over the top. We also love The Oyster Bar where we go early to catch great happy hour deals on the fresh seafood and wine. The Sports Book here is a William Hill, a regular hangout for us. This trip included Kentucky Derby action, NBA playoffs and baseball. We also visited a favorite nightlife hot spot in downtown called Tonic owned by our friend Jon and I got to do a little dancing. Pho 777 was a lunch destination and is by far the front runner for value and quality of food but, you get what you pay for, so, the ambiance is lacking. My go to is the #19, less noodles, extra veg and we regularly partake of summer rolls or wontons as an appetizer. You can find it across from Harrah’s and next to the Pawn Shop on 2nd. Yumm! The Truckee River was flowing like I’ve never seen and the snow melt has barely begun out of the Sierra Nevadas. I will be keeping an eye on news of it rising as the weather warms, there’s sure not much room in those banks before it will spill out.

We arrived home late Monday and Tuesday and worked around the house and I ran to my business to get the ball rolling for a soft opening Mother’s Day Weekend which as I write is drawing to an end. BoCo Sluice Box and my customers provide me good entertainment and the money flowing in again doesn’t hurt anything either. Monday I’ll be packing for San Diego, Tuesday early we fly out. Won’t you #travelwithme?​

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